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Entropic Accents Testimonials

Read testimonials below from our customers.

“I don’t think there’s anything I like and appreciate more about my home than the lighting you installed”

Margie McGriff

“Listen, I was just outside, I don’t stay outside my house very much at night, looking at landscaping, the place looks good bro! I really really appreciate it – the lights are awesome and the landscape is really beautiful! You did a hell of a job man… I just wanted to thank you and I’m not sure I tell you that enough. I appreciate you always taking care of me. I appreciate you always responding to my calls. The end result is this place is beautiful – the landscaping makes a big difference! You are talented, honest, responsive – it means the world! I just want to thank you, this place looks awesome and I owe that all to you! The lights in particular are really special.”

Jeremy Foley

“Have really appreciated the excellent service you have provided me. The lighting system in my yard has provided beauty and security and I could not be more pleased to have it. Thank you for the prompt response.”

Kathy Roth

“Just a note to thank you for taking excellent care of my new building at 4545 NW 8th Avenue. I have virtually been planning all of my life to build this building and finally in the year 2005 it was completed. Obviously, I wanted to have everything be as first class as possible at my new Law Office. Your landscaping is excellent and your uplighting is even better! However, your best quality as a businessman is your service and caring about doing a great job. This sets you apart from the rest. Again thank you for making my building even more special.”

Gerald D. Schackow

Law Offices of Shackow, Mercadante, & Edwards, P.A.

“I would like to thank you for all the beautiful work you have done for Eric and me. We love the landscaping as well as the lights. We have noticed a reduction in electric bills since you installed the landscape lights. Once again, thank you.”

Yvette Godet

“I have been intending to send you a note ever since you completed the accent lighting for Craig and Liz Muldoon. You did such a marvelous job and their home is so very attractively lit at night. Even though you completed the lighting on our house in 2002, I’m still amazed every time I come home at night and see how beautiful it looks. Also, thank you for starting the maintenance program. Your crew does such an excellent job.”

Sandra Gress

“I went by to see the Camden Court lighting project – it really looks good! John Fleming saw it the day before and was really impressed as well. This project represents the last eight months of my efforts, so very few things are more rewarding than to see it showcased the way it is. It really makes it look fantastic. It is a nice finishing touch that really makes the project stand out! Thank you very much. It looks fantastic! Hope to continue doing it on all our jobs.”

Peter McNiece

Trimark Properties